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Refractory Application

Dead-burned dolomite is produced when dolomite is calcined at very high temperatures. It is used both as a refractory product in granular form to repair linings and for making the bricks used in the refractory linings of casting ladles and cement kilns.

In the steel refining process, the use of dolime instead of pure quicklime will extend the life of refractory linings. In fact, adding dolime will create MgO in solution in the slag, which provides an excellent buffering capacity as MgO particles in suspension provide excellent coating protection. Any excess MgO precipitates, protecting refractories and tap holes, reducing the need for gunning and repairs.

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Industrial Chemical Application

Industrial Chemical Application

Lime has numerous applications in the chemical industry thanks to its natural properties and competitive price. It's used in the production of chemicals such as calcium carbide, propylene oxide, sodium carbonate and glycerine, as well as being a reagent in the production of calcium-based...

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